Sunday, 13 May 2012


Jumpsuits. This is my first jumpsuit & I love it! Such a simple easy thing to wear yet looks a little different from what everyone else is wearing. Plus points. I got this lace jumpsuit in the ASOS sale, total bargain. My only moan - ASOS not everyone has slender model-esque calves, some of us have a more sturdy calf therefore a little give in the leg would be delightful - apart from that I can't complain. I didn't manage to get a proper full length picture but I wore the imfamous Zara heels which I showed a few posts ago. Loved the outfit. Nights out are always good when you feel good in your outfit.

Jumpsuit - ASOS | Bag - Accessorize | Ring - Topshop | Belt (worn backwards) - H&M

Before I go, I've had some lovely comments on here recently so wanted to say thank you to you all, I love reading comments from fellow bloggers. Everyone has been really sweet so thank you! x


  1. I love your outfit! For some reason I haven't got a jumpsuit, I just don't know whether they would look good on me, but you're converting me! XxxX