Tuesday, 1 May 2012


I have been missing a little recently mainly due to university work but yesterday was the hand in for my big report, this morning was my exam so I don't really have that excuse anymore! I have one presentation a week today which I doubt will take up as much of my time as the report and exam did so I am happy to say that I am back in the blogging world ... oh how I have missed it! And ... summer is nearly here! Believe it or not?!

On to the point of this post, I had planned on getting myself these shoes today when my exam was all done & I felt like I deserved a treat however I ended up buying them last week almost a week before my exam... I might have also bought a handbag too! Both are wonderfully beautiful pieces that will have plenty of use out of them so it was worth the money. I did work hard this semester too so I deserve them... kind of. A little bit. I blame Twitter, Emma in particular! haha.

Of course they were worn while revising, what else would you wear? Orange palazzo pants & heels is standard revision wear! Right?! x


  1. I've been debating getting these heels for a while, now I'm pretty sure that I need them! And yes they are totally appropriate revision footwear lol ;) xx

    1. You need them! Total bargain & they are so comfy! Haha anything to distract myself x