Friday, 27 April 2012


I like a wee sneak peak inside people bags, just to see what they carry around. It interests me - this being an extremely sad & probably an all in all 'girly' thing to be interested by - everyone carries around different things depending on what they do etc. My bag seems to get filled with accesorises along with the junk of the day. The bag is a Christmas present from Topshop & has served me wonderfully. It is a good size for uni & for stuffing in all the general rubbish I feel I can't go without. Win.

Notepad (Faux Moleskin from Asda) | Diary | Impulse |Receipts, bus tickets & appointment cards | Water |Extra mints | Sunglasses from H&M |Two pens & an eyeliner |Studded Zara belt (?!) | iPod cable |Umbrella (Which consists of one too many holes for my liking) | Make up/random rubbish bag | Purse from Topshop about 3 years ago | Powder brush | Scarf from H&M

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