Sunday, 29 January 2012


Dress - Topshop 

These are terribly static photos - I don't even have my eyes open in one - but I wanted to show you this dress. It was £15 - £10 gift card made it a grand total of £5. Bargain.  I was a bit nervous about this dress, it is tight & there is no way to hide unsightly bits you'd rather just keep to yourself but I loved wearing it. It was different, really comfortable ... good buy I would say. I wore it with my platform Dorothy Perkins heels which I am sure will pop up at some point & a black patent clutch. The only thing about a tight fitting dress, a charming male decided it would be okay to give my bum a grope... I did the true ladylike thing & continued walking, dying a little inside.


  1. This dress REALLY suits you - you look beautiful! xx

  2. Thank you gorgeous, that is so nice :) x

  3. You really look gorgeous Emma! Love it! xx

  4. love the dress! I want it!

    1. haha It seems to have gone down really well, need to wear it more often :P x

  5. Love your dress! It really suits you :) xxx