Wednesday, 25 January 2012


The shoes I have been waiting for finally got collected from the sorting office which was a distressing walk in the first place (Nothing makes me feel more uncomfortable than builders shouting about my backside while I stroll past...) Anyway, these New Look booties were one of those things I tried on everytime I went into the shop but never actually parted with my cold hard cash for. I bought a new dress & thought they would be perfect with them so I search around on Ebay & found them for ... a tenner! The picture quality is odd - I'm still getting the hang of decent pictures, my apologies. Got big plans for these boots this weekend for my flatmates surprise birthday party hopefully they go... watch this space!


  1. Builders make me cringe! I always want to pull up their trousers as looking at their behind is not something I'm a fan of.

    These are lovely boots! The heel seems just right.

  2. haha I should have come up with some witty comment about there bums but wasn't quick enough this time! Yeah it's a good heel, not too high where I feel like I'm going to topple. :)