Monday, 6 February 2012


If you followed my previous blog then you would have seen my change from brunette, well technically a deep red that had faded to brown, to peroxide blonde. Now nearly six months on, I am considering going back to the brunette side. My hair is dry - very dry, straw like you could say - and as I have a pixie crop my roots come in quickly which adds extra to my six weekly haircut. Don't get me wrong, I love - loved could be the more appropriate word - blonde hair. It was something I really wanted to do & am so glad I did it but recently I have been thinking about going back to my natural colour, well close to my natural colour - I'm thinking a deep golden brownm think Frankie Sanford -  & back to an extremely short pixie crop. Of course I have been going from one extreme to another over what to do but brown is on the cards. Change is never a bad thing.

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