Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Top & Belt - H&M Cardigan - ASOS Shorts - Levi Scarf - Marks and Spencers (about ten  year ago)

Just a simple outfit. I had an hour at uni & then a long wait till I started work at five. I feel like sometimes I get a bit lost about what I want to wear in case it is a  bit 'meh' but I can always rely on my Levi shorts. The cardigan was a Christmas present from my lovely brother that I haven't worn as much as I thought I would but I do really love it.  I need your help - I am getting my hair done on Friday and I cannot for the life of my decided between a sort of light brown/dark blonde (similar to my natural colour) or a mid to dark golden brown. What do you think? I am in total limbo about which one.

I just wore my New Look slip on shoes (Cannot for the life of me remember what they are called), my Barbour Daphne & my Topshop bag ... all seen before no doubt!


  1. You look lovely Emma :) That cardi looks so snuggley. I think you should go for the light brown for you hair, maybe, so it's not too big of a change xx

    1. Thanks Abbie :) It is, such a good Christmas present! Yeah that was my thinking & then I can go back to platinum if I wanted too x

  2. So pretty! We love the way you've layered this!

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    ox from NYC,