Friday, 17 February 2012


Tshirt - Charity shop. Skirt & ring - H&M Barbour Daphne Black flats - New Look Nails - Mavala for Elle Grey

First off ignore my leopard prints slippers, I didn't think they would make there way into the picture... Asda £4 is anyone is interested. Comfy ass slippers, let me tell you! Anyway, this t shirt was a charity shop find and a total bargain at that. It still it the original Mango label on it saying it was £19.50, I got it for £8.50! How good is that. It is something a little different from a standard striped t shirt, the yellow is a nice splash of brightness too. I was umming over what to wear it with this morning but settled for my black bandage skirt - can't go wrong really. I think I need more definition about my eyes, they just seem to be sunk in my head today, if you get me?! I need to put on more eye make up. Help!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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