Saturday, 21 April 2012


Everyone see to have these trousers. Why not, they are amazingly beautiful trousers! This was there debut complete with newly dyed hair & a freshly sprayed, if that is the correct term, spray tan, a little bit of Spring sunshine peaking in my curtains I thought why not! I added a studded Zara belt from the sale which was a bargain & is one of those pieces that comes in handy on many an occasion. The silver studs clash a little with the gold of my watch but I wanted to wear both so the silver/gold clash police will have to deal for today I am afraid.

Edith Piaf has been my soundtrack for this morning along with reading Hemingway's 'A moveable feast' I can really picture myself in a romantised life in Paris quite easily...

Black vest Topshop | Trousers H&M | Belt Zara | Watch River Island | Blazer Gap | |Bag 21st Birthday Present

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