Monday, 16 April 2012


This morning was one of those rushed, must find something to wear quickly sort of morning... I detest these mornings. Greatly. This being the case I went to my ever faithful Levi shorts. They have never let me down. In fact they have become somewhat of a uniform - a habit I have set myself the challenge of breaking... wish me luck. Anyway, I had a quick uni meeting this afternoon & then am off to work tonight so in my rush this to me was appropriate. It served its purpose.

I am really loving gold and rose gold at the moment, in particular big chunky jewerelly, something that in necklace form my bigger  bust is not thanking me for but alas it is too pretty not too! This bag is another iffy piece with me, I love it - it has a beautiful old doctors bag style opening & fits everything and more into it but it is just so bloody big & bulky. I feel I am carrying around a hold all all day plus it can lead to some awkward getting wedged in the stairs on the bus incidents... I don't want to talk about it!

Blazer - Gap
Dropped arm hole vest - New Look
Shorts - Vintage Levi bought from Miss Selfridge
Bag - Topshop

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